February 24, 2018

In the course of X Annual Congress of the EUPA (June 21-25,2016), representatives of the EuPA Young Proteomics Investigators Club (YPIC) held a meeting in order to launch the creation of the Club. One of the most important issues discussed during the kick-off meeting was YPIC president and executive committee member election.

After a short presentation of the candidates and voting YPIC first board was elected.

  • President: Maarten Dhaenens (Belgium)
  • Vice-President: Dina Rešetar (Croatia)
  • Secretary: Margaux Benhaim (France)
  • Treasurer: Meike de Wit (Netherlands)
  • Communication managers: Tina Rise Tuveng (Norway) and Stefan Kempf (Denmark)

More information concerning YPIC action plan for young proteomic investigators will come later this year. Nevertheless, in addition to scientific events, training and lectures we aim to launch discussions on subjects that are of special interest for young proteomic researchers, e.g. where to find funding, how to write applications, meet with established scientists to build up mentoring, etc.

The first task for YPIC executive committee will be organization of several events during HUPO conference in Dublin (September 2017).

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