January 24, 2018

Submission Procedure

Tutorial Articles will initially be by invitation, however suggestions for new and timely articles and obvious gaps will be gratefully accepted. Once you have finished the manuscript and the accompanying powerpoint presentation, send the the powerpoint presentation by email to Peter James. The arrival time will be date stamped and the manuscript will be assigned to a journal in the order that they arrive.  The authors cannot chose which Journal they wish to submit the article to. With four journals enrolled in the program, this means that journal  #1 will receive papers #1, #5, #9 etc…, journal #2 will receive papers #2, #6, #10 etc… and so on. 

  • Once the manuscript and powerpoint outline are finished. Send the powerpoint to Peter James
  • The author will then be informed which Journal he/she should submit the manuscript to so that the manuscript can be formatted according to the specific instructions for that journal.
  • The Author submits the article to that specific journal, clearly mentioning the Tutorial Programme.
  • You must submit both the Tutorial manuscript and the Powerpoint show
  • The guest/associate editor is assigned the manuscript for further editorial review.
  • The  manuscript is sent to two reviewers for peer evaluation.
  • The slide show is sent to the education committees for review.


Even though the articles are solicited, there is no guarantee of acceptance by a Journal.  The tutorials will be subject to normal peer review by the Journal and the slide show will be evaluated by the HUPO and EuPA education committees. Only if both the Tutorial article and PowerPoint presentation pass review, will the contributions be accepted.  N.B.  Authors are responsible for assigning copyright to all illustrations used in both the articles and PowerPoint tutorials. The Journals have specific instructions as to how to submit the tutorial manuscripts.

Journal of Proteome Research

  • Authors MUST submit text and graphics of tutorial as a “Tutorial” manuscript-type at the journal manuscript submission site:

Journal of Proteome Research

  • When prompted to answer the question ” If accepted for publication, this work may be published on the ACS Web site as a ‘Just Accepted’ manuscript before it is technically edited and composed.” authors must choose the “NO” option.
  • The accompanying slide presentation should be uploaded as Supplementary Information.
  • Authors MUST also include a letter indicating that the tutorial has been approved by HUPO as a cover letter.

Journal of Proteomics

  • The authors should submit the manuscript to the website: Journal of Proteomics
  • Authors submitting a tutorial should define the type of submission (select article type Tutorial) and in a further step also select a preferred Editor (select Peter James). For a general Guide to Authors, please consult the journal homepage.

Molecular and Cellular Proteomics

  • The manuscript should be submitted to the usual MCP submission websiteMolecular and Cellular Proteomics (by the author) and the the author should select category “13 Other” and indicate in the cover letter that it is part of the tutorial series.


  • Manuscripts should be submitted online to the PROTEOMICS MS-Central site at: Proteomics
  • In the manuscript submission forms the authors should then answer the question “Is this submission for a special issue ?” with “Yes” (see page 1 of the forms).
  • At the bottom of page 5 of these forms the authors should then specify the special issue they are submitting to by typing in “Tutorial Program (James)”.
  • They should then complete the submission process and submit the paper.
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