January 22, 2018

About Slide Shows

The slide show are intended to be used as teaching aids in the classroom.  The slides should be low in text and as far as possible, diagrams, pictures and photographs should be used. Clear illustrative diagrams are of greatest importance for the student’s co...
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The Tutorial Articles

Tutorial articles will be grouped into two categories: Core methods and concepts Applied proteomic techniques The tutorials should provide a historical background to enable students to understand how the techniques evolved to meet...
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Submission Guidelines

Submission Procedure Tutorial Articles will initially be by invitation, however suggestions for new and timely articles and obvious gaps will be gratefully accepted. Once you have finished the manuscript and the accompanying powerpoint presentation,...
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The Official Mandate for the Project

The tutorial program meeting was held in Toronto Sept 28, 2-4 pm. The following people were present: Juan Pablo Albar, representing EuPA education committee Wehbeh Bargachie, HUPO headquarters Ralph Bradshaw, editor in chief of Molecular...
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