January 24, 2018

For a long time ProteoRed, the Spanish national Proteomics Facilities network, has been leading efforts to evaluate standards and SOPs in proteome analyses, at the regional and national level, and also internationally through its collaboration with EuPA.

Following on from these successful Multicentre studies a new call has been opened to take part in the PME10 study that will evaluate the use of retention time (Rt) standards in targeted proteome analyses.

It is EuPA’s high priority to promote the standardisation and improvement of proteome technology throughout Europe. Therefore the together with ProteoRed thre EuPA Initiatives Committee encourages National Societies to take part in the PME10 by:

  • performing targeted MS measurements, and
  • analysing the results of the experiment.

If you wish to participate in the study, please request samples by writing to fcanals@vhio.net, indicating the contact person and shipping address. Since sample availability is limited, they will be sent on a first come-first serve basis.

Further details about the PME10: http://www.proteored.org/PME10_main.asp

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