March 29, 2017

PDA16 - Proteomics Data Analysis

go here: Mass spectrometry based proteomic experiments generate ever larger datasets and, as a consequence, complex data interpretation challenges. In this course, the concepts and methods required...
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ProteoRed / EuPA Multicentric study on Relative Retention Times in Targeted Proteomics

For a long time ProteoRed , the Spanish national Proteomics Facilities network, has been leading efforts to evaluate standards and SOPs in proteome analyses, at the regional and national level, and also internationally through its collaboration with...
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EuPA Bulletin is now called EuPA News and changes its scope

Are you a dynamic and enthusiastic scientist?  Are you interested by the EuPA life?  Do you want to get involved in communication and scientific sharing? Please participate to EuPA News with original contributions. All contributions wi...
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YPIC kick-off meeting

In the course of X Annual Congress of the EUPA (June 21-25,2016), representatives of the EuPA Young Proteomics Investigators Club (YPIC) held a meeting in order to launch the creation of the Club. One of the most important issues discussed during the...
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