January 22, 2018


The DGPF was founded on 22 November 2001 in Martinsried in the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. Your 300 members from academia and from 3 groups of companies in the Life Science environment: small and medium-sized biotech start-up companies, established providers of technologies for biochemical analysis and large companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

The DGPF is a platform to bring together the appropriate management in Germany at various locations and under different programs proteomics activities under one roof and in addition promote the proteome through concerted national and international initiatives. Through an overarching coordination pooling and optimum utilization of national research capacities to be brought about in order to survive in the global competition in a leading position can.

The scale in the DGPF cooperation between science and industry is ideally suited to promote the transfer of technology and thereby directly strengthen Germany’s economy and its international competitiveness.

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