January 22, 2018

EuPA and EU Collaborative Project on Imaging

EuPA is an active partner within an EU initiative on imaging mass spectrometry for clinical and pharmaceutical research.

The impact of imaging mass spectrometry for clinical and pharmaceutical research is reflected in its increasing use throughout inter-national clinical and pharmacological institutions and the availability of imaging mass spectrometers, tissue preparation stations and data analysis solutions from leading instrument manufacturers. A formidable array of capabilities has now developed that enables high sensitivity analysis of multiple molecular classes direct from clinical and preclinical tissue sections.

An emerging dynamic in the imaging mass spectrometry community is the move toward improved standardization and data sharing. This reflects the highly multidisciplinary nature of the experiments as well as an acceptance that imaging needs to develop into a trusted technique on its own right, rather than being seen as a discovery tool that is then validated by more established methods such as immunohistochemistry or LC–MS/ MS. The European network COST Action BM1104 represents the first large-scale action toward open, standardized imaging mass spectrometry experimentation. The central idea behind the network is methodology exchange and training, for data acquisition, data analysis, and their application and to provide this knowledge as public resources.

In 2012 the COST Action has funded two training schools, ten short term scientific missions (which enable young scientists to visit different imaging mass spectrometry laboratories) and multiple workshops. A similar program of activities has been organized for 2013. COST Actions are research frameworks open to the entire research communities of the participating countries. For more information see www.imaging-ms.org.

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