January 22, 2018


  • To establish a European Proteomics Education Network as an infrastructural tool for setting standards on a high level with the support of companies which are also interested in improving the potential of European research in the Proteomics field
  • To disseminate information, to endow students, post-doctoral researchers and other scientists effectively with high-level theoretical and practical knowledge
  • To create a platform for a fruitful cooperation in building a system of EuPA endorsed courses at different levels giving companies high visibility as important players in the field.

Company Club

The EuPA Company Club Concept was first presented in September 2011. Companies involved in Proteomics Technologies are invited to join the Club as a platform for direct interaction with the Proteomics Community at the European level. Participation in EuPA’s high level Educational activities provides prospective visibility for the next generation of researchers in the Proteomics field. EuPA is the organisation optimally positioned to achieve this.

Members (alphabetical)

 absciex  agilent_technologies_logo  camebridgeisotopelaboratories
 logo_denator  eurisotop  promega

Member Company Benefits

  • Increased visibility and (more) direct client access (currently 2250 individual members within the National Societies) including the next generation of Proteome researchers
  • reputation within the Proteomics Community by supporting EuPA standards for high quality educational activities;
  • sponsoring opportunities at different levels with direct company visibility, e.g. student bursaries, awards at conferences etc.
  • Presentation of a company specific teaching library;
  • teaching slots in the course program;
  • participation in the Sponsor’s Corner on the website;
  • slot in the News Corner Session at the Annual EuPA Conference;
  • shaping of and participating in the company assigned part of the Educational Day at the Annual EuPA Conference;
  • access to provide course materials (no obligation!) including the option to send a speaker;
  • suggestion and proposal of new EuPA courses in line with the company’s technology and product basis;
  • space on the EuPA website for announcements of educational events conducted by the company.

as of August 2012

Application Form: EuPA-CompanyClub-Applicationform.pdf

Eligibility and Dues

  • Proteomics product/service providers or Pharmaceutical or biotech companies with a proteomics disciplinary focus.
  • Payment of annual dues (Large enterprise: 2.500 Euro; SME: 1.000 Euro; Academic Institution: 500 Euro.)
  • Application for Membership
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