February 24, 2018

EuBIC (European  Bioinformatics Community)

October 11, 2016 admin 0

Computational proteomics and mass spectrometry The European Bioinformatics Community (EuBIC) is a EuPA initiative for user-oriented bioinformatics with a focus on mass spectrometry based proteomics. Our aim is to improve bioinformatics through the setup of […]


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Consolidation of a common space integrating proteomic strengths across Europe, Increase the penetrance of proteomics in other scientific disciplines. Facilitate the implementation of state of the art methods and technology in emergent platforms under standardized […]


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Forum and resource for the omic’s community regarding best biobanking practices for a range of different applications and situations, such as setting up a biobank or sample collection, evaluating the quality of sample collections of […]

Affinity Binder Knock-Down

July 28, 2016 admin 0

Using crowdsourcing to gather knowledge in a systematic and standardised system to assure the functionality of the affinity binders in specific applications. Join us! Coordinator – Tove Alm, KTH, Sweden E-mail: tove.alm@scilifelab.se www.antibodypedia.com Stay informed […]


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  To standardize efforts and to make optimum use of the proteomics data acquired in model organisms, a new HUPO initiative in model organism proteomes (iMOP) was proposed and was approved by the HUPO Initiatives […]


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EuPA and EU Collaborative Project on Imaging EuPA is an active partner within an EU initiative on imaging mass spectrometry for clinical and pharmaceutical research. The impact of imaging mass spectrometry for clinical and pharmaceutical […]